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By | June 26, 2019

 First of all, I would like to how this Swedish Institute works for giving scholarships to students. So for this, you’ll have to open a website in your browser. You will need to write to the Swedish Institute. Once you write that you will go to the website of straightish Institute. You see here is written apply click on to this then come on to scholarships after coming on a scholarship tab. You can get scholarships for bachelor master Ph.D. or other levels of your education from here. This dropdown menu you will have to choose your country for example.

You will come across this page. And you will find here more information. So the only possibility for scholarships right now is for master students. So here’s the list that these programs are also available for 138 countries in the list of the countries. This is also for Pakistani students and the students from Zimbabwe Yemen. And Syria so this is for 113 countries so how to apply for this well. This is really simple. And if you want to know that for which courses and which universities you can apply well, first of all, I would like to tell you this is for autumn semester 2018 and here is the list of master programs.

 That is available and eligible for fall for this scholarship program. So here is the list of this program this is a PDF file you can open it from here. This is the PDF file so once you open this friend you can come to know which programs. You have you can apply for example you can apply for computer science software engineering. And you can also apply for mechanical engineering. You can also apply for applying applied mechanics, Applied Physics here are all the program. You can see here so here on the left side are the names of universities. And here on in the middle are the names of the courses here are the codes. So these all programs are eligible for these scholarship programs.

That this scholarship program covers your tuition fee. That will be directly paid to the SwedishUniversity. Then the living expenses various this will be nine thousand Swedish kronor of per month. This will be given to you plus a travel grant of fifteen thousand Swedish kroons. You’ll also get an air ticket plus it also includes health insurance. So these all things are available so your total studies period will be free. And you will not be having a problem for your living cause. Food transportation your accommodation your tuition fee or health Insurance. This all will be paid so this grant is for all students. Who are from these 138 countries from these countries depends. How to apply for this the process is very very simple well the students who can apply for this program.

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