Higher studies Scholarships In ASIA

By | June 29, 2019

Scholarships in Asia for higher studies for students. But I will focus on the Ph.D. scholarships I know that a lot of international students. When they are looking for Ph.D. opportunities.That we dream of going to in the USA UK Australia coming to Asia to study. So Asia is really moving fast in terms of innovation and also supporting research opportunities.

The Singapore international graduate award or Singha in short Singha spelled singa so this scholarship is given to international students with excellent academic undergraduate and all masters results. Recall that early I talked about some of these scholarships don’t need you to have a master’s degree. Which was the case for me so it can be done because I’m speaking from experience. The focuses on science and engineering in a Singapore University science and engineering. So science would be life sciences or computer science or information systems. Anything science-related will be sponsored or covered by the scholarship.

 The scholarship provides financial support for up to four years of Ph.D. studies. This includes tuition fees monthly stipend so the monthly stipend. This is in Singapore right so the monthly stipend will be two thousand Singapore dollars a month. And then after about one or two years normally after about one year. You have a qualifying exam after you pass that qualifying exam, you get a bump of five hundred Singaporean Dollars. so then your salary or your stipend it’s not a salary really and stipend your stipend will be two thousand five hundred Singapore dollars.

Which is really not bad I know that what we hear about Singapore. The cost of living is so high in Singapore you can Survive. I know a lot of people you know who have the scholarship and they live very well. They travel across they are around Asia. With that two thousand five hundred of course again. You have to learn to manage the money but I can tell you that it’s more than enough. You also get a settlement allowance and an airfare grant which is about a thousand five right belief. So it’s really not bad, it’s actually good. Because I know a lot of students in the US. Who when we go for conferences and I go that’s how much you get I’m not getting as much as students in Singapore. I getting so Singapore is really for me the best place to go. If you want to pursue a Ph.D. the grounds are awesome. But of course, it’s a lot more stressful you have to be prepared to work extremely high. But it’s also important to know that this scholarship is actually open for submission. You can still submit the deadline for the January 2020 intake is 1st of June 2019 so you still have an opportunity to apply if you do want to apply to the scholarship.

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