How I got scholarships to Harvard and Oxford – and how you can too!

By | July 1, 2019

Harvard and Oxford and the scholarships that I was awarded to go there. If I have to pay my own tuition fees which are very expensive. Students who can’t afford to go study at these places or who’ve got the talent to go but Neth not necessarily the financial means and so I would encourage people to really seriously consider thinking about it and looking into some of these.

 I found out about these universities in the scholarship and then actually give you some good concrete advice as to where you could look for something. And I found this scholarship program called the Kennedy Scholarship and this was available to all UK graduates and at the time even though. I was studying for undergraduate medicine. I had graduated from a master’s degree the year before, so I said I was able to apply to it. It’s an amazing university but it seems like totally out of reach. It’s the sort of thing you see in movies or read in books, but you never think you actually have a chance of going to study there. But having looked at the profiles of the people who’d been awarded to kind of do scholarship online.

They were real people and they were people who’d been to UK universities. They were people who yes were very talented. But they also had an element of realness about them. And so after a few months of thinking whether or whether. Or not I should apply I decided to build up the courage to write my application. And I sent this application to so many different friends family members professors at university And they gave me lots of feedback and I think I had about 15 or 16 different iterations of my statement. I then submitted the statement to the Kennedy scholarship in around the October time of 2012. And I had to wait for a few months and during this time. I thought I hadn’t got it I hadn’t heard back from the panel until .

One day I received an email saying I’ve been offered an interview. So I was really ecstatic about, it I also realized that lots of amazing people would be going to the interview. And so I tried not to be too overly optimistic about it. I went to the interview and I didn’t get off to a good start I got there. It was in London I got there super early and bought a coffee someone in the queue spilled. The coffee down my white shirt and so I was kind of hiding that underneath this blazer. And I got to the interview room and there were loads of people that. Who was super impressive some people had huge thick ring binders of all their evidence to show what they’ve done throughout university.

I didn’t have this because we were told you didn’t need it and you didn’t need it and then got called him to the interview room and there was a room of about 12 people sat around a wooden desk so it was fairly intimidating. Because they were professors from Harvard MIT people from the industry in The UK .

Who are well known who previously got The Kennedy scholarship and the interview lasted for about 40 minutes. And it was quite an intense process as you can imagine and I wasn’t sure how well I’d done at the end of it. But I thought to look I’ve given. It my best shot that’s what I can do and a couple of days later I received a phone call and they said we would be really happy to offer you. a Kennedy scholarship to go study at Harvard and I was totally over the moon. Because it’s something that I’d hoped for many months but I never actually thought. I was going to get it and it was safe to say that whole year and that whole experience following that totally changed my life in many ways as cliched as that sounds. So I applied then once I got the scholarship I had to apply to Harvard to get a place and obviously that’s very difficult. But I think it’s made a bit easier having got the scholarship and because. The administrators at Harvard know about it, and it certainly helped me with the tuition fees. Which otherwise I would never have been able to afford. So then I went to Harvard I studied that it was an amazing year. I met some amazing people and the facilities they were incredible I. then came back to the UK finished off my final year of medical school.

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