How to apply for CSC Chinese government scholarship

By | July 2, 2019

Important ¬†information especially for some of you out there. Who is planning to come to China to study so? It happens that the CSC the Chinese government CSS come in scholarship for 2019 slash existence the academic section is open there. Who will say no to free lunch? Why not why how much say no she launched in America oh my god there’s free lunch in China at least. This is one of them you can benefit from me. So Europe and just sitting and relax let me give you the information that you need on how to apply for this scholarship yes I’m bitch running until you guys what websites use apply there’s um the procedures necessary.

 Csc scholarship Documents needed:  Usually, it’s quite easier to get the Chinese government scholarship your masters or Ph.D. students. Although you do have some scholarships. That is given to the Chinese. So as I’m giving super bachelors today or usually there are Chinese thoughts. That you can study and still get a scholarship to get a CSC scholarship. All these courses so without further ado I’m just going to jump right in and to entire the very first name. That you need to do when you want to buy the discussions I’m going to divide the screen into two so you guys and consciously.

What happened you know latter on one side of the screen and also to you guys engage with myself while I’m trying to teach you guys for your interview. So without further ado let’s jump right in and start plus the definition of our school. Now if you want you to Chinese compass coach first thing that you need so. What you need to do spotty trying study in China the study in China will see as he gets into the cm thank leak.

It takes you to this page so usually probably would be an English show in Chinese events in Chinese just in case it’s in Chinese like this just go ahead. And click on the English everything is welcome English for you to a female now. Because you don’t have Accounts before if you have an accountant. Then just don’t have an account before now.

What you need to do is just to click on create an account and then it’s going to show you this page this process and registration see what as instrumentation. So you need to fill in your username email address password on a front password to your validation code and subject now once you click on submit button.

 It’s going to send you a validation email to go whatever you like it’s like thank you so we need to have some click through the link that we sent to me and here we opened up to this login page.

So many pretty parks this bitch we need to do it’s just my dress champ asks whether you eat any food Mylene another time so. When you click a sign-in on a fly and little filly that’s why that’s where the action of the age for you to be able to taxi application first you need to choose is an article line there are three categories a line through the embassy. Now an article will be after people that apply through Chinese now any advice you can choose. If you want everything now I would advise anybody choose cuts will be that means you want to come by through.

The Chinese University now let me tell you why if you choose not slowly. And when you choose category B it means that you know two interesting you want at white okay you did product I will talk like that interesting. I know I was up to my special interest so. What I do is I should start with me. I look for the agency Tom papa and he University puts it under section grants ask me to put the agency under and the key University comes up it means that was a Perseus evaluation that I’m doing this for these pants reversed so.

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