Scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students

By | July 16, 2019

AUT University is with second largest University. We have 30,000 students four thousand internationals from 95 different countries a point of difference is small classes. Practical applied a lot of Indian students have been spoon-fed and class with no practical expertise especially in the field of engineering. So we have projects we have interaction with industry we have internships.

Generally, they run to about 40 students in a classroom. And if they’re not showing up in class the lecture all go you weren’t here last week what’s been happening. So a lot of interaction with lecturers. And also full-time in the semester brain. these are student jobs fast-food restaurants working in gas stations. We say it will not fund your tuition. But your tuition usually master’s range from two-year masters to three-semester masters to one-year master’s. So you have to pay tuition for one year so before you come and before you get your visa. So say you’re doing a 180point master’s which is three semesters. You then have to come up with the money for the third semester at the end of one year. Programs range from about 24,000 up to about 38,000 New Zealand dollars. The entire program yep so that’s all your tuition students make minimum wage. When they’re working part-time which in New Zealand is quite good it’s about $13 an hour. So that’s without taxes but it is quite good money and Indian students are very industrious and work very hard to get part-time jobs.

How science hospitality and tourism right also computer and information science and Also Communications. So students have done mass media in India want to come here and specialize more students have to build on what they’ve done and their bachelors to be able to go into the masters. The one exception we do have is business and we do get a lot of Indian students coming to our School of Business Economics and law. I meet a lot of doctors and dentists but I find a lot of them are interested in leadership and management in health science. So they’re adding a skill on to their medical school before say running a practice or running a business. And I think a lot of them come and do that. And then also while they’re here in New Zealand look at doing their medical boards. BecauseĀ  there are quite a few Indian doctors in New Zealand because we’re actually short of doctors. Sports science which is kind of a new concept to Indian graduates. Because of the lack of universities in India providing academic programs and sports science sports management.

Sports science is an excellent credential. Because India is going to need people with these credentials very soon if not right now this year we had the NCD scholarships. Which are the New Zealand excellency awards scholarships and they were in STEM subjects? So all the eight universities in New Zealand offered these. They are going to be rerun again in 2018 so basically, students are always interested in scholarships. But they have to do their own research and look for it and find them. So education New Zealand has staff working in Delhi at the High Commission and them often on their website will list these scholarships.

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