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By | July 19, 2019

The application process of Turkish permits per year. government scholarship application procedure for bachelor’s master’s degree or doctoral degree programs. And if you are a high school student or the research students. Then this application procedure might also help you to apply for the Turkish scholarship. So once you’re on the website of Turkish scholarship, then you have the option to select your field or your degree program and then you can search for it. And you will find different programs offered by Turkish universities. And then you can apply for it, or either you can just see or click on the application or login button on the top right of cop on the top right corner of this website and then you’ll see a website like this another one, and on this one, you first have to click on Register.

Where you have to fill in your basic details, for example, your name your middle name your surname your Nationality. Your date of birth gender email address password secret information like the question. If in case you forget your password and click your account and don’t forget to approve it. So that your account can be created once you click Save then on the next step.

You will receive an email from Turkish scholarship website. Which will actually be confirming your email address in order to give you access to start your application procedure on their website, but here you might notice that the email that you will receive maybe will not be in the English language for and if the language is not English. Then you can actually translate it in Chrome by right-clicking and selecting the translation to English. Which I have already died and then you have to click on this link so that your account can be activated and once your account has been activated. Then you can actually log in and then.

You will see the open scholarship positions for example for scholarships for high school scholarships for bachelor degree programs currently there are three which are an open scholarship for master’s degree scholarship for Ph.D. and for research programs. But you’ll notice a thing that in all these four or five scholarships. It is actually mentioned that I am not suitable to apply for these programs.and that is because I haven’t filled in the details on the left top corner of this website. Where you can see personal information and family information, employment information, education information, language details, work experience academic qualification.

And all that stuff so once you fill in these details, then you will be able to apply for the scholarship programs in which you fit in or your eligibility criteria I mean their eligibility criteria finds out that you are actually eligible for that particular scholarship. A particular degree program. So what you have to do you first have to click on personal information and here you have to upload your picture. And then you have to add some of your basic information like your ID number of US country after the city of birth identification card.

If there is a disability or something if you have other citizenship or something you can have you have to add all these details by clicking the edit button here. Which you can see right here and then you can add your hobbies your special talent information. If there is any and then we will be moving on to the next one. Which is film information where you have to add your mother’s name for the same and siblings names? and some other information for example like the total monthly income of her family. For example, if it is not an American dollar and what you can do you can open up the Google and on the Google, you can actually convert your currency into American dollar in my case for example.

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