Turkey Scholarships for Study in Turkey

By | July 20, 2019

Government scholarships these scholarships are actually open for international students to study in bachelor. Turkish Universities, for free the benefits of Turkish government scholarships are like education free accommodation the travel expense like your flight ticket. And the life insurance or health insurance so before we get into the application process of Turkish permits per year.

The Turkish scholarships from where to start application requirements document required benefits. And all the details around the scholarship of the turgor scholarship, and the government funded scholarship awarded to our serving students.

 This scholarship is for candidate that graduated all will graduate from an equivalent educational institution. So people with bachelor degrees masters etc can apply. Of course it is expected for each level for the candidates to have a minimum or a certain academic score based on each level. For example in to graduate you have to have at least 70% masters and PhD. You have to have at least 75% for medical field studies applicants have to have at least 90 percent score.

They have to be born no earlier than 1st January 1997 for master’s degree scholarships, No earlier than 1st January 1988 for PhD degree scholarships. You have to be born no earlier than, 1st of

January 1983 for a research program. You have to be born no earlier than 1st January 1973. Of course candidates shouldn’t have any health problem. That could be a problem or a barrier to their Education. Now talking about the opportunity or benefits of the scholarship and what does it cover.

First of all the benefits is a monthly allowance given to each student. Students according to the level of study for undergraduate degree 700 Turkish lira monthly for mas 950 Turkish lira monthly for PhD students 1,400 Turkish Liras and for research scholarships 3000 Turkish Liras Monthly. For accommodation students can stay in the public university dormitories without paying any fees. And of course students will not pay any tuition or university fees during their Studies.

Their health expenses will be covered by a public health insurance also students will benefit over one year Turkish language course. If they do not have a proof of Turkish language Proficiency also students.

Who will study in another language are required to take this one euro Turkish language course travel expenses for travel expenses. The ticket will be covered for the your first arrival to Turkey. And then after you finish your study or to get back to your country. And of course if you already paid for this ticket you will be refunded later on the application dates starts from 15 January 2019 and for 20 February 2019 about the documents required the application process chance of winning this scholarship.

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