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By | July 19, 2019

The first is called financial aid which is need-based and typically. The second is merit scholarships which are self-explanatory and the third is called athletic scholarships. Which is typically for top athletes.  First, in the second that is financial aid and merit scholarships. Now before I give you that exciting list of ten universities. That you are dying to know about I want to tell you the basis on which I’ve chosen. These particular  ten universities for you now.

The first one is the number of scholarships. The cost of studying in the US and we discovered that five thousand or ten thousand dollars weren’t of too much help. When it came to financing your  undergraduate education in the US. So the first criteria that I’ve used when I’ve selected these ten universities are the quantum of scholarship. 

The second criteria on the basis of which I’ve chosen these ten universities are the number of awards. That they gave every year now I said there’s no point bringing to your universities. That give one or two scholarships and there are several of those. That you want to keep in mind universities that give a large number of scholarships or have an instituted scholarship program. And some of these universities even give financial aid up to 500 or 600 students per annum the third criteria on the basis of which I’ve chosen these universities is, that all of this financial aid and scholarship is loan free.

When you graduate you have absolutely no debt component. That is there for you to have repaid and the last criteria that I’ve used to choose these ten universities for you are ranking. Because I know you love the best schools. But I want to add a word of caution here that. Because these schools are really good and because they give financing they are really very selective and admissions to these universities can be extremely difficult sometimes. They may even accept less than 10 percent of the applications.

 The number-10 college on the list is Williams College Williams College is ranked among the top hundred colleges and is one of the premier liberal arts colleges in u.s. It’s located on the east coast between New York and Boston and gave scholarships to about 50 to 100 international undergraduate students last year. and before that now Williams College states that. It has a need-blind admissions policy now you’re going to encounter the terms need-blind and need-aware a few times when you start looking for scholarships. So let me clarify these two terms. Because they are very different and I want you to pay attention to the differences between the two a need-blind admission policy is a great admission policy. Because they give you admission

when you qualify irrespective of whether. You’ve applied for financial aid or not a need-aware admission policy, on the other hand, is one where take for example. if two students apply to that need aware University and they have similar profiles. Then they would prefer the student that didn’t apply for financial aid so once you know. The difference between these two Williams is a need-blind college. Which is great and they give financial aid to their international undergraduate students averaging about $60,000 last year now.

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